What are some activities I can enjoy at beaches near Tokyo?

Surfing in Chiba

Getting out of Tokyo for a 1.5 hour train ride, one can find plenty of surfing spots along the Pacific coast in Chiba.
For Tokyoites, Chiba offers relatively good waves and clean water--much cleaner than the beaches of nearby Shonan (Kanagawa).
Although it's easier to travel out to the beach by car with a board, without a board one can easily take the JR train out to the Chiba coast areas of Kujukuri and Ichinomiya City.
Ichinomiya has plenty of surf shops along its main strip , where one can rent/buy surf boards and other gear.
Venture further up the coast and one can find surf spots at Taito and Onjuku beaches, popular with longboarders, and Hebara beach, which often hosts international surfing competitions and the big names in the pro surfing world.

by slapshot

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