What are some manners related to transportation that are unique to Japan?

Packed Trains, Bustling Streets, How to survive as a foreigner in Japan

Japanese people try to be polite at all times even in a hot, stuffy train

You may see someone move to another seat when the person next to them starts to nod off as the sleepy passenger might actually accidentally rest their head on the person sitting next to them. Or, you might see someone who has partied too hard, stretched out sound asleep on a station bench. Well, this is not typical, and people in trains tend to move over, keep their bag on their lap, keep their feet tucked under the chair and only use the benches on the platform for the next train (instead of hanging around for several trains) in Japan. I believe this comes from the desire not to cause anyone any trouble and to keep your personal belongings out of the way of others. It is a nice habit for busy stations so if you feel like resting, go find a nice park outside, stretch out and snooze to your heart's content. Resting in a park is perfectly acceptable in this glittering Metropolis.


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