Tell me all about Japanese souvenir culture.

Japan's the Best Place for Cute Tiny Gifts

Japan and Cute Gifts always go together

Look closely at the little knick knacks in the various shops along a street or shopping arcade in Japan and you will be amazed by the ingenuity that goes in to one little item and how it can grace the home with a bit of sweetness and be useful at the same time. I believe Japan has kind of mastered the art of the tiny and useful because home size here is limited and there is an active gift giving culture. Under usual circumstances, those two combined would end up in a very cluttered living space...but with the tiny items that make every day issues more fun, a little gift with a lot of thought is waiting just up on that shelf you see. Here is a tiny heart-themed cup for coffee milk I found somewhere. The clean white design, little heart handle and overall heart shape is a nice way to wake up with my morning coffee. These items abound so have fun discovering!


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