I've heard the Japanese recylcing system is confusing. Can you give me an explanation?

Recycling is good for our living enviornment



The positive attitude towards recycling system will change our action completely. It will be really easy to seperate burnable and non-burnable once we get used to it. I was still seperating all the trash when I was visiting America since I can never mix everything again once I have done it all the time before. It doesn't really mean we have to peel off the plastic logo all the time as long as we seperated the cap and the bottle. The most important thing is to wash the container or the pet bottle before throw it in the trash bin. I often saw the milk bottle laid upside down in my American girl friend's house whenever I visit her.. she washed them and then dried them afterwards, how thoughtful she is. We sould all be enviornmentally friendly to make our planet a better place.

by JennyS

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