How do I use all the features on a Japanese toilet?

The warm seat during the Winter gives a comfortable glow to your day


Winter, Nature

One of the features of the special toilet seat is the heating element. Many houses in Japan don't have central heating so other than where you spend the most time the rooms are left cold in the house. Except, when you go to the restroom and sit down on the bidet seat. It is a pleasant surprise to have a warm seat in such a cold house especially at night with nature calls and wakes you up. Traditionally, Japanese people do not heat or chill the whole house. When I was young, it was actually the toilet that was the coldest and therefore scariest place in the house. So I think a lot of families (and children) can find comfort in the warmth of the toilet during cold winters in Japan. I am also interested in why Japan has not advanced into central heating and still heat or chill "areas" of the house and not the whole thing.

by AustinA

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