How can I join in on the "not-so-serious" side of Japanese life?

Take a risk and emerge yourself in the fine Japanese Art of Ikebana

Flower Arranging perfected by years of traditions

Okay, well, I have never studied Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement) but I love the style and I admire all the work of art I see all around (even in local train stations done by loyal and dedicated Ikebana artists each week). I believe Japan is confident enough in the art and the style it offers the world to allow me to give it a try without really studying. One of the best things about Japan is that everyone is open to a new approach from the outside looking in. The effort is what counts here. So give something new a try. Dont be afraid to fail because the effort in itself is a wonderful testament to all there is to admire during travel to Japan. It is okay to not be so serious about everything here. Let your hair down and try something extremely Japanese in your own extremely YOU way.


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