How can I get to Tokyo from Narita Airport at a reasonable price?

Why not take this!

There are lots of access between Tokyo and Narita airport.
By train, Narita Express (JR) Skyliner(Keisei) are popularly express way.(applox60min)
NaritaExpress 2,940Yen(Narita ~Tokyo)
Skyliner 2,400Yen(Narita ~Ueno),150Yen(Ueno~Tokyo) total 2,550Yen
Its a little bit expensive... Local train1,280Yen~1,350Yen(applox90min)
In these days, Bus access is more cheaply and easily.
I think, “The Access Narita” is the most convenient between Tokyo, Ginza and Narita airport(applox 70min). This bus costs only 1,000Yen per person(kids half priced) with some special equipment ,wide seat, toilet etc.(Limousine bus costs 3,000Yen!?)
You can ride this bus without buying ticket in advance(pay by cash in the bus directly!). Do you really want to get the bus ticket such a crowded ticket booth at the airport?!
In addition, this bus way supplies more scenic view at Tokyo bay area, on bay shore highway. The other side, Railways are located underground at the center of Tokyo!
“The Access Narita” official web site

by Nakafumi

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