Where can I get a typical Japanese breakfast, and how do I eat it right?

Experience Japanized Style American Breakfast

Denny's has a great affordable breakfast in Japan

There is a Denny's just down the street from my house and I used to go there all the time for bacon and eggs with a side of toast. But....in Japan, Denny's also offers the opposite of the all-american breakfast. Fried fish, white rice, miso soup, umeboshi, dry nori (seaweed), an egg and some otukemono (Japanese preserved vegetables). What a healthy, fresh way to start the day. Add a bit of soy sauce to your raw egg (I like to pour the mixture over my rice) and you are good to go. You will understand clearly why Japanese people stay so lean....very little saturated fat in this home-style breakfast. This is a nice blog that has beautiful photos of different Japanese breakfasts. Good morning everybody!