Where are Tokyo's best cycling routes?

A Serious Tour

If you are like many, you have at least a mild fantasy about seeing the sights of a country while on a vehicle, whether it be a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. Japan is a country that makes it slightly difficult to be motorized, particularly in Tokyo, so the best option is the healthiest, and in my opinion, the most rewarding: a bicycle.

Blazing through the dense forest of urban pillars, down to the lush and vibrant greenery of the rivers bordering Tokyo, and perhaps a trek back up along the high-rising shiny bridges of the industrial coastline, Tokyo is truly one of the most diverse and dynamic cities to explore on bike, within a very reasonable time frame of about 1-2 days, depending on your power.

Some common concerns are of course: "where do I start" and "what if I get lost".

Fortunately, there are others like you who love to experience this city on bicycle, and veterans and newcomers alike gather for regular tours through this city. It's a great option for your first stint in Tokyo on bike. Check the link below:

by KurtisW

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