Where are land prices highest in Japan?

Yamanote Area

If you come to Tokyo to do some sightseeing, you will most definitely be riding the yamanote train line, which loops around downtown Tokyo, stopping at all the most key entry points.

The "Yamanote" area historically has been considered very upper class Tokyo, while Asakusa, Ueno, and those areas to the east were "Shita-machi", which technically translates to "downtown" but actually meant, the "lower class area".

The area around the Yamanote line, particularly Meguro ward, areas like Gotanda, Ebisu, and Meguro station, all have very high land prices, and anyone fortunate enough to be a homeowner in these areas is quite wealthy. You'll see a lot of nice homes, and nice cars if you take a stroll through the residential parts of these stops.

by KurtisW

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