What manners should I follow while staying at a Japanese bed and breakfast?

Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners

Japanese bed and breakfast facilities resemble their British bread and
breakfast lodgings, but often with several differences. Many Japanese
establishments offer both dinner and breakfast. Before arrival, make
sure which meals are offered. More often than not, "breakfast" will be
Japanese style. Basically that means rice with miso soup and fish. Some
lodges offer western style meals. In the area near Izu (in Shizuoka prefecture)
I stayed at a delightful B&B offering Mexican food.

Quite often, shoes are taken off at the entrance of the lodge and slippers
are worn inside. There are exceptions, but expect to follow standard
Japanese "foot etiquette" by removing your shoes.

The other issue concerns baths. Most readers probably know standard
Japanese bath etiquette (washing before entering the tub, keeping your
towel out of the water, etc.)

In the B & B dining area, at some facilities quests often wear "yukata"
(Japanese bathrobes). At other facilities quests are expected to wear
standard clothing that than yukata. A simple inquiry or glance at what
other hotel quests are doing should resolve any confusion.

by TimN

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