Tokyo has Rickshaws? Where and how can I ride one?

It is costly, but it is worth while paying.

(Places) I know two places. One is in ASAKUSA in Tokyo and the other is in Yokohama China Town.
In front of the main gate of SENSOUJI (famous temple), there are some waiting Rickshaws.
In Yokohama Chaina town, near Kaseiro Restaurant located in main street (HONDOURI) is one of the placeses to catch Rickshaws.
(Fee) In case of Asakusa, two person per 30 minutes costs 8,000 yen, so it will be 16,000 yen per one hour. China town, it might be little cheaper. 6,000 yen per 30 minutes.
(How) It is very easy. Like taking taxi, all you have to do is address Rickshaws and tell them where you would like to go. Or you can make a reservation by phone in advance.
(Good thing) Specially when you have a senior person who do not walk a lot, it will be very helpful, or
for sweet cuple. For everybody, we can enjoy and remember a special occasion.

by Suetsumuhana

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