Where can I learn about Ikebana in Tokyo?

Learn how to arrange a beautiful, traditional Japanese bouquet

Learn how to make a traditional Japanese flower arrangement

Well, one of my favorite things about traveling around Tokyo is the Ekibana (Station flower arrangements) you can find at many of the local stations. I wrote about this in my book because it is such an amazing way to welcome people back after a long day at work as well as to send them off in the morning with a bright flowery smile. The delicate Ikebana arrangement is just perfect and every times it is done with fresh and lovely flowers. This is my idea of what makes Japan such a deep place. Ask the station master who to call about the flowers and you might be surprised they have a lesson or two you can attend during your stay. I dont think you will need any translation of a Japanese lesson. Just observe and enjoy the beautiful art of Ikebana. I have seen arrangements at Nishi Oi, Yokodai, and Hodogaya stations.


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