Where can I find a Japanese garden in and around Tokyo?

Come and visit "Mihamaen" in Makuhari, Chiba!!!

Mihamaen is located in the Makuhari Kaihin Park, 10 minute walk from Kaihin Makuhari Station of JR Keiyo Line. The place is a stroll-round garden with a pond, where you see the beauty of the nature with its changing scenery as you walk around. There is a tea room right in the middle of the garden. Enjoy matcha green tea with dry sweets while experiencing the spiritual harmony of the nature and tranquility in your mind.

Open Hours:
May through August 8am-7pm
September through April 8am-5pm

Ticket: (Adult )100 yen (Child, Grade 1-12) 50 yen

by Hatha Yoga Lover

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