What Japanese soft drink do you recommend?

C.C. Lemon!!!

I love C.C. Lemon!

I always keep at least one in my fridge, so I always feel I miss it when I go overseas from Japan.

It's a lemon soda (like lemonade), sweet and sour with lots of vitamin C's in it, so I feel like drinking C.C. Lemon especially when I feel a bit tired, and after I drink it, I will regain my energy and feel refreshed! I believe that one of the reasons why I look younger than my age and keep my skin smooth is C.C. Lemon.

According to the Japanese wikipedia, C.C. Lemon has been around for almost 20 years (since the year 1994), and now the 3rd most popular soft drink in terms of sales in Japan, after Coca Cola (No.1) and Pepsi Cola (No.2).

I strong recommend you try it at least once when you come to Japan. It's everywhere in a variety of sizes (350ml, 500ml, 1.5 litter, etc.) at convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines, etc.


by maxnino

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