How do parking lots in Japan work?

How do parking lots in Japan work?


Tokyo, Park

I think today’s multi-story car parking lot systems are the fruit of many years' labor to utilize the limited area we have in Japan.

Some popular parking lots in Tokyo cost 50,000 yen per month. You think this is outrageous? Yep, I agree it’s very expensive. But, without multi-story car park systems, it would have been much more expensive.

There are some parking lots with a maximum capacity of 1,500 cars.

The structure of these parking lots are fun to watch if you are not in a hurry and some of them remind me of SF movies! I believe 90 % of engineers who develop multi-story parking lot systems are great fans of Thunderbirds Second.

(If you are considering to rent a parking space, please contact real estate agents.)

by totowatanabe

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