Where can I participate in a mochi-making "Mochi-tsuki"event?

Where can I participate in a mochi-making "Mochi-tsuki"event?

Mochi-tsuki event takes place when people celebrate something and it’s always a happy event. As it is often held at local shopping center events or festivals, you might want to check out such local information first. I also know some hotels hold mocha-tsuki event as a part of their New Year’s event.
If you get a chance to pound mochi, be careful not to crush a hand of a person who supports you with a pounder. You should not be carried away with too much fun in your first experience! Pay attention to your supporter and try to create a proper rhythm together. Otherwise, you would be too sorry to taste your precious mochi and busy apologizing afterwards. J

As Mochi-tsuki is a happy event to prepare offering to god, started in Heian period, people would be always welcome you to join in the even when you wish.


by totowatanabe

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