What does the kiosk on the train platform offer?

What does the kiosk on the train platform offer?

A convenience store on the train platform where you can buy very basic stuffs!

Kiosk offers best possible basic needs with a minimum space on the train platform. We had Kiosk even before all the convenience stores did not exist.

As each Kiosk store has only one staff, they use a lot of fully worked-out operation methods. Their accounting method is super - takes only a few seconds especially with busy businessmen who run off and on the trains. Kiosk staff members usually remember not only price for an individual item but also a set of a couple of popular items. Changes are prepared in advance accordingly so that there will be no unnecessary wait time. Some people give up buying things at Kiosk if they only have a paper money (they do not want to disturb the flow)

This “symphony” of consideration and respect is called “A UN no Kokyu” (the harmonizing, mentally and physically, of two parties engaged in an activity) This phrase comes from two gods named “A” and “UN”.

Train platforms are incredibly busy during morning rush hours, but I would like you to get relieved by interactions between Kiosk staff and their customers. – A Very Japanese-like manner.

It is my regret that a lot of payments are done by IC cards these days at Kiosk counters

by totowatanabe

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