How can I meet and get to know Japanese people?

You can bake Osenbei yourself !

Japanese people love “mono-zukuri”. (making things by hand) There are a variety of Shoku-nins (craftsman) as well as craft centers or facilities where you can experience “mono-zukuri” yourself. If you join such an activity, you can sometime enjoy conversations with such craftsman directly and feel pride in their craftsmanship. Our association has a facility called “Soka-Senbei no Niwa” in Saitama prefecture (next to Tokyo) where you can bake Osenbei yourself. You are always welcome to stop by.

“草加せんべいの庭” Soka-Senbei no Niwa Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/senbeigarden

by Hideki Tazawa

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